What are we looking for?

We are currently looking into investing in a prize redemption center, and we have a approved small budget of 35.000 USD for this project CF Denmark (Aarhus Port).

We currently own a center with different types of activities for children and adults, but we would like to move more towards the adult target group.

If the first initial order is a success, then we have a approved investment of 100.000 USD for the second order.

Target group and design

We have both children and adults as our target group, and we are right now pushing towards young people and adults. 

We would like designs that are classy, flashy and “not childish”

We really like the idea of playing and winning tickets that can we changed into prizes. Since we do not have any such centers in Denmark, we would like to try and make one.

Where? how big is the area?

For our first try, we would like to make it in a 90m2 area, the same area where our arcade machines were at before.

We want to seperate the “normal Arcade machines and the prize redemption machines, so that they are in different areas.

For the first test run, the area is 18 x 5 meters.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for a smart ticket redemption system and machines. But we are also interested in prize machines, we are mainly interested in budget friendly machines, since we would like a wider range of machines to try, instead of 1-2 luxury machines. 

If possible can you please send ud a “quotation” for the price of 35.000 USD on ticket redemption machines and prize machines.

Thank You